The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha have both been around for nearly three-quarters of my life. Which - as the mathematically astute will have worked out by now - means I won’t see my 42nd year again. I’ve been an active fan, attending conventions and writing fanzines, for over thirty years. Thanks to ZZ9, I’ve had lots of fun, built enduring friendships and enjoyed all manner of excitement, adventure and really wild things. I was Committee Secretary for ZZ9 (1994-97) and Lazlar Lyricon II (1996-1998) and I have been the ZZ9 Newsletter Editor since 2010. As a freelance administrator, and former Civil Servant, I have done document layout and desk-top-publishing, and helped proof-read The Rough Guide to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I am working on publications, promotions, and publicity for Lazlar Lyricon III, and probably whatever else I’m needed for.

Not quite old enough to have been listening to late night Radio 4 in 1978 I became a Hitchhiker's fan in the early 1980s by reading the books, watching the television series and listening to cassettes of the radio series passed around the school playground in the days before there were official releases. I didn't join ZZ9 until after Douglas died, but was quite soon writing for the club magazine, and went on to be on the ZZ9 committee and eventually President a few years ago, mainly so I could be an ex-President. Unfortunately didn't go to LL1 or LL2, so I will be working to make LL3 as awesome as possible so that one day it will be regarded as the “good old days”. 

Doug has long fannish CV that ranges from conrunning to performing. He has been known to talk on the subjects of science and food ranging from “cooking with chocolate” to “cooking with brains”. He has also appeared in diverse fannish panel games such as “Unseen University Challenge” or “Just a Fannish Minute”. Doug has appeared in Ian Sorenson’s fan musical productions, irritating him immensely by getting more laughs than him. Two Worldcons have seen Doug be Party Reporter and he has produced some (excellent) fanzines. His cosplay is both fun and brave. He is also a big Doctor Who fan (check out the fez) and writes fic (you can find him on MaSH slash).

Doug is chair of Novacon 46, and expects to have more time for LL3 after it.

Truly, Doug is the Renaissance Fan and we are lucky to have him.

I joined ZZ9 when I was still at school, and met some great people and had some fantastic times as a result. My parents mightily disapproved as they thought I'd joined a cult, but I think I turned out okay in the end. I have excellent cat-herding skills due to being a fosterer of stray and unwanted kittens, and will show you All The Photos if you don't run away fast enough. I will be responsible for the Code of Conduct at LL3 but I'm expecting you all to be so well behaved that I can spend my time sitting in the bar.

Rarely spotted at conventions, normally found scuttering around behind the scenes, or whispering ideas into the ears of the unfortuante.

I'm a long-time Hitchhikers' fan, having been a member of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha since I was 15 years old (which is now far too long ago!).  I work as a freelance science presenter, delivering fun and exciting science shows at schools, festivals and conventions across the UK (and sometimes beyond), which is largely an excuse to blow things up!  I attended Lazlar Lyricon 2, along with several other fun cons, and have helped out at various conventions over the years in various capacities, though have never actually been on a comittee before so this is quite exciting.   Mostly I'm helping out with promotions both online and on the ground, especially in the area local to the convention since I'm based in Staffordshire.  I'm incredibly enthuisastic about LL3 - if we have half as much fun as we did at LL2 it will be an amazing weekend!

Hi! I'm Helen.

I've never been to a con before, so I'm going to skip over the con-credentials section that other people have written about and move onto something more interesting... Nothing to see here!

I like cats, spreadsheets, dancing like an idiot and drinking too much.

I appear to be doing some sort of organisational role on the committee but it all seems fairly flexible. So far I’ve been dragged into going to a bunch of other cons for “research”. I think this side of geekdom may turn out to be a bit of a rabbit hole!

Although you WILL agree that I dont look old enough I joined ZZ9 in about 1993, and attended my first small fun convention shortly after.  I have also been involved in the rather larger NineWorlds Geekfest convention for the past two years.  I am responsible for access and have been to visit the hotel with that in mind, so can answer any questions you might have.

I am Irish, and currently live in London working on the Railway. I went to Lazlar Lyricon 2 and the Incon conventions and they had an irrevocable imapct on my life. Since then I have been involved with various conventions, and most recently was involved with the World Science Fiction convention. I read too many comics and too few books, like pens and letter writing, do fanzines, and enjoy facilitating everyone having a great time. 

James has been running conventions in Ireland and abroad for over 20 years, and has be a ZZ9 member on and off for much of that time. He has helped to run the Irish national convention, Octocon, several Eastercons and Worldcons, and co-chaired Shamrokon the Dublin Eurocon. He attended, Lazlar Lyricon II, some of the Incons, and a number of other fun cons. For LL3, James is running the website, so if it all breaks down you can blame him. He and James Bacon ran Sproutlore for many years. He is also a big fan of LEGO.

He likes talking about himself in the third person.

Stef didn't write a bio, so we made his up instead.

Born into royalty of a small Scandinavian state, Stefan was unfairly implicated in the death of a self-styled king, and has been living in exile in England for much of his life. He was elected president-for-life of ZZ9, but was forced to resign after a hushed up affair. He has been responsible (if that’s the appropriate word) for a number of past fun conventions, including Aliens Stole My Handbag, Damn Fine Con and They Came and Shaved Us. For Lazlar Lyricon 3, Stef is in charge of memberships and whatever else we can get him to do.

He also takes part in LARP events, where he is secretly training an army he will one day use to reclaim his homeland.