Emma J King


I'm a long-time Hitchhikers' fan, having been a member of ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha since I was 15 years old (which is now far too long ago!).  I work as a freelance science presenter, delivering fun and exciting science shows at schools, festivals and conventions across the UK (and sometimes beyond), which is largely an excuse to blow things up!  I attended Lazlar Lyricon 2, along with several other fun cons, and have helped out at various conventions over the years in various capacities, though have never actually been on a comittee before so this is quite exciting.   Mostly I'm helping out with promotions both online and on the ground, especially in the area local to the convention since I'm based in Staffordshire.  I'm incredibly enthuisastic about LL3 - if we have half as much fun as we did at LL2 it will be an amazing weekend!