Things to Bring

Of course the most important thing to bring is your froody self and the desire to have the hoopiest weekend ever, but you may find the following items help you to enjoy your convention.

A Towel! - No self-respecting Hitchhiker would be without one, so we’re sure you wouldn’t forget this. It will come in useful for all sorts of things such as participating in the Towel Olympics and waving as a distress signal if you need another drink…

Practical Clothes – a number of our programme items are quite active, from an early morning Park Run or Towel Fit class for the super-enthusiastic, to fun games like Sofa and Mattress Racing or Towel Combat. You’re welcome to wear whatever you prefer, but practical clothes and shoes that you don’t mind rolling around on the floor in may come in useful if these things appeal to you!

Baked Goods – Friday evening will include a “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” bake-off competition, so bring along your most impressive, Hitchhiker’s-inspired kitchen creations for us to admire!

Costumes – We will be having a (adults only!) Rocky Horror Singalong late on Friday night which you’re welcome to dress up (or down) for, and Saturday will be hall costume day with prizes for those who collect the most tokens, so bring your favourite outfits, Hitchhiker’s related or otherwise! Saturday will culminate in the Fancy Dress Disco, where you can party the night away dressed as your favourite characters. Don’t have anything appropriate? Don’t Panic! We’re having a Chaos Costuming session during the day on Saturday so you can create / alter / improve your outfit. Feel free to bring basic items you wish to enhance, or just see what you can cobble together from the bits and pieces we have available.

Games – we will have a games room, so if you have games you enjoy and are happy to share, bring them along! If you would like to run a game session, let us know at and we’ll put details of who is running what, when, on the games room door.

Auction Donations – Sunday’s auction is in aid of Save the Rhino, so if you have anything you’d like to donate, please bring it along to the convention and hand it over to one of the committee. If you’d like to see what wonderos items have already been kindly donated, check out the Auction album on our facebook page:

Swimming costume – the hotel has a very nice leisure centre complete with pool, jacuzzi, sauna & steam room. Bring your swimming gear if you want to enjoy it! And of course you can dry yourself off with your towel, if it still seems to be clean enough….