We are committed to ensuring that everyone is able to attend and enjoy Lazlar Lyricon 3, and we are happy to support and enable everyone to do that in whatever way we can.  Below are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding access - if you have access issues which are not addressed by this FAQ, please email us at and allow us the opportunity to address them.  You are also welcome to contact the Quality Hotel directly on 01782 202361 or

As issues are raised, resolved or otherwise, we will add them to this FAQ.

  1. Is there step-free access to the hotel and programme rooms?
    The hotel has step free access from the car park. At night this door is usually locked for security reasons, but a bell is available to contact the night porter for access.  A lift is available that stops on all floors. Two of our function rooms are on the level, and two will have ramps. There is one stage, and we have asked that it have a ramp.  If it doesn't, we won't use it.
  2. Is there space for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other mobility aids in the proramme rooms?
    We will have dedicated reserved seating in the programme rooms for those that require additional space.
  3. Are there accessible bedrooms in the hotel?
    The hotel is currently undergoing some refurbishments in this respect.  We have been informed that by the date of the convention there will be one, possibly two fully accessible rooms.  There is also a lift to all floors, and many rooms where a mobility scooter or other mobility aids can easily be parked outside.  If you require an accessible room, please make your requirements clear on the Hotel Booking Form, so that the hotel are aware of your needs.  
  4. Will there be provision for those who are visually impaired to participate in the programme?
    Some of our programme items, such as the showing of films, may pose difficulties for those who are visually impaired.  Where programme items lend themselves to tactile participation, we will ensure that this is possible.  For instance, if we have a prop 'show and tell' we will ensure that those who need to can touch and feel the props.  If this might apply to you, please let us know by email at so that we can discuss with you the best way for you to be able to participate fully and get the most out of the weekend.
  5. Will there be provision for those who are hearing impaired to participate in the programme?
    The convention will take place in several programme rooms, the largest of which holds approximately 300 people, but most of which are about half that size or less.  Unfortunately the hotel does not have a hearing loop in any of the rooms, but we are looking into acquiring one for use during the convention.  We are hoping to organise microphones for speakers and participants to ensure they can be clearly heard, particularly in the larger rooms, and will ensure that there is seating available near the front for those who require it.  If this might apply to you, please let us know by email at so that we can discuss with you the best way for you to be able to participate fully and get the most out of the weekend.
  6. Can my dietary needs be catered to?
    The hotel is keen to assist everyone with dietary needs, and by the time of the convention will have menus which include vegetarian options, with all common allergens clearly listed.  However if you would like to be certain what options will be available for your specific dietary needs we strongly encourage you to contact us or the hotel in advance, as there is a great deal that the catering staff can accommodate given sufficient notice. Although we may not be able to cater to every need, we want to hear from you so we can discuss the issues with the hotel and ensure your needs are looked after as far as is reasonably possible.
  7. Is the leisure centre in the hotel suitable for disabled users?
    There is step free access to the leisure centre and we are informed by the hotel that it is suitable for disabled access and use.
  8. Who should I contact with questions or concerns about access issues?
    The Lazlar Lyricon 3 Access Team is:
    Helena McCallum
    Douglas Spencer
    Vanessa May (access consultant)
    We can be contacted at  We are also looking for another volunteer to help with pre-con queries, so if you are interested please do get in touch.
    If you would like to contact the Quality Hotel directly regarding access or dietary requirements you can do so on 01782 202361 or on