Doug Spencer

Doug Spencer by Al Johnson

Doug has long fannish CV that ranges from conrunning to performing. He has been known to talk on the subjects of science and food ranging from “cooking with chocolate” to “cooking with brains”. He has also appeared in diverse fannish panel games such as “Unseen University Challenge” or “Just a Fannish Minute”. Doug has appeared in Ian Sorenson’s fan musical productions, irritating him immensely by getting more laughs than him. Two Worldcons have seen Doug be Party Reporter and he has produced some (excellent) fanzines. His cosplay is both fun and brave. He is also a big Doctor Who fan (check out the fez) and writes fic (you can find him on MaSH slash).

Doug is chair of Novacon 46, and expects to have more time for LL3 after it.

Truly, Doug is the Renaissance Fan and we are lucky to have him.