ACCESS - Help us to help you!

Submitted by emmak on Sun, 18/09/2016 - 22:42

This is an appeal to everyone who is attending the convention to email your access requirements to the access team as soon as possible.  

Whether you have issues relating to mobility, sight, hearing, allergies, particular dietary requirements, or anything else which could impact on your enjoyment of the weekend, NOW is the time to let us know.  

Our hotel is over a hundred years old, and the building presents certain access challenges.  We are committed to overcoming these wherever possible so that everyone can enjoy the weekend, but we can't fix a problem that we don't know exists.  

We are discussing these issues with the hotel and making the necessary arrangements NOW, so please don't wait until the week before the convention to get in touch, when it will be much harder for us to fix things.  Let us know any requirements you have straight away so we can ensure you get the most out of the convention.

If you have any access requirements you would like to discuss, please drop an email to  Thanks!