1st Month Progress Update

Submitted by emmak on Sat, 30/01/2016 - 15:36

Today is officially 1 month since we launched Lazlar Lyricon 3, and it's been a good month.  As well as launching on social media, the convention was listed in the January edition of Ansible and also mentioned on the back cover of the latest edition of Mostly Harmless - if you're a ZZ9 member this should recently have landed in your inbox or on your doormat.

We're really pleased to say we already have 24 members and 8 hotel rooms booked which is great progress!  You can see the list of hoopy froods who've already signed up on the membership page of our website, and if you want to join them you can do so at lazlarlyricon3.com/members/register.

If you've joined the convention, but haven't reserved a hotel room, please do so via the form on our website - rooms don't require a deposit and can be cancelled up until May 2017, so there's no reason not to book one early.  Room bookings are part of our deal with the hotel and vital for the success of the convention, so if you're going to need a room it also helps us if you book one early.  

For those who are wondering who's behind the convention we've added a committee page to the website. We have a committee meeting and hotel visit coming up next weekend after which we will no doubt have more progress to report, so watch this space!