Michael Cule

Michael Cule has appeared in many of the different manifestations of Hitchhiker's playing more characters than any other living actor.

Starting with the 1980 Rainbow stage show he originated the role of the Dish of the Day, but also played the Vogon Captain, Voice of Magrathea, Deep Thought, Frankie, Bodyguard, Zarquon, Radio, and Arkship Captain. From there he went on to be the Vogon Guard in the television series, a role that he reprised in a live radio script reading celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Hitchhiker's at the 2008 Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture. In the Illustrated edition of the book, produced by fellow LL3 guest Kevin Davies, he played Mr Prosser. Four roles in the later radios series followed including a Vogon Clerk and Vogon Helmsman. Perhaps that guard was promoted?

Michael's other acting roles include genre appearances in Max Headroom (the original TV movie) and Knightmare (playing Brother Mace in series 4 and 5 and other roles) as well as many other stage, television and film appearances. Outside of acting he is an active role-player and re-enacter.

Having attended both previous Lazlar Lyricons, Michael brings us that continuity and a wealth of Hitchhiker's and other stories coupled with the ability to tell them well.

His monthly RPG podcast, Improvised Radio Theatre - With Dice, produced alongside Roger Bell West, is available from: https://tekeli.li/podcast/

Picture credit: Larisa Dizdar

Michael Cule by Larisa Dizdar