Kevin Jon Davies

Kevin Jon Davies has a long and illustrious career as a Hitchhiker fan and professional. A science fiction fan he heard the unmistakable sounds of R2D2 coming from an editing suite where Alan Bell was working. The pair got to talking about science fiction and Alan said asked if Kevin had heard of Hitchhiker's, and to cut a long story short, Kevin left with the opportunity for the company he was working for to produce some test sequences for the guide graphics. Rod Lord's company, Pearce Studios, came in cheaper than BBC's own graphics department and so got the contract. Kevin also got to hang around the studio when the series was being made and took some behinds the scenes footage. This eventually led to him directing a documentary called The Making of 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' which used that archive footage as well as new specially shot material. 

Kevin also worked on the infamous stage production of Hitchhiker's at Rainbow Theatre where he worked on props and models including the first Dish of the Day. He was also Douglas's choice to produce a photo-illustrated edition of the first Hitchhiker's novel which came out in 1994. For the last three radio series he shot behind the scenes footage and produced trailers for the BBC which he also did for the live radio shows.

Kevin interviewed Douglas on multiple occasions, and audio and video from a variety of these has popped up in all variety of documentaries, and also at the beginning of the live radio shows that toured in 2012 and 2013. Kevin has also attended (and recorded at) many fan events over the years. He was at Hitchercon One in Glasgow in September 1980, Millicon (1982) as well as the first two Lazlar Lyricons (for which he did the original lizard logos). He was an organiser of Slartibartday '81.

Outside of Hitchhiker's Kevin, like most British animators of the mid 1980s he worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but unlike most also directed a couple of episodes of the Sky TV soap, Space Island One. He has also made documentaries on Doctor Who, Thirty Years in the TARDIS and Parrot Fashion, an extra on the City of Death DVD, Dad's Army, Blake's 7 and other television subjects.

Kevin has promised LL3 some exclusive recordings from his archive. His Youtube account is:

Photo of Kevin Jon Davies