Alexander Pawlak

Submitted by davidh on Wed, 10/05/2017 - 16:51

Physicist and editor Alexander Pawlak became a fan of Hitchhiker's by watching the first German broadcast of the TV series in 1984. In March 2000, at the start of his career in science journalism he got the chance to interview Douglas Adams in Berlin.

This sparked a deeper interest in life and work of Douglas Adams and resulted in the book "Die Wissenschaft bei Douglas Adams" (ISBN: 9783527504565) about the science in the various works of Douglas Adams. With a friend he had also written a non-officially German version of "Meaning of Life" in 1997.

In English he jointly contributed the chapter "The Funniest of All Improbable Worlds - Hitchhiker's as Philosophical Satire" to the book "Philosophy and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (ISBN:
9780230291126). He continues his research on Douglas Adams-related topics and writes articles for the ZZ9 magazine, Mostly Harmless.

He has spoken about the science in Douglas Adams's work at 42Day in the UK and on Towel Day in Germany.

Alexander Pawlak at Hitchcon in 2009