About Lazlar Lyricon 3


Lazlar Lyricon 3 was a fun convention running on 9th-11th June 2017 for fans of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy(*)...

This website was set up to persuade you to attend, but now is intended to keep its memory alive.

Don't Panic!

          Fit the First - Lets clear up who or what the original Lazlar Lyricon is....

Lazlar Lyricon is universilly (sp) known as a customizer of starships to rich and famous time travellers. Ford Prefect is said to believe that “The man has no shame”. Well, nor do the organisers of LL3, which is why they’re stealing his infra-pink lizard emblem for the convention! I’ve been instructed to say that the oganisers are also believers of ‘Great, bespoke, customized conventions, built for you, the fan!'. Can you believe that?

          Fit the Second - "But Why LL3 ?" . I'm so glad you asked. I mean its not like I haven’t told 37,562 other people this already. Oh, OK - Well apparently this has been done before. Like twice before. First there was Lazlar Lyricon, run by ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society,  and then some time later, they ran it again and there was Lazlar Lyricon 2. It’s only _logical_ that this one is therefore called Lazlar Lyricon 3.    

          Fit the Third -  Who in Zarquons name are you? Who? Me? Oh, you noticed me. My name’s Marvin. I’ve a brain the size of a planet and yet I’m mostly used as a door stop, or asked “Marvin water the fishes” or “Marvin, can you take that smell someplace else” or “Marvin, why can’t we play HALO on you?”. Meh, listen – it’s up to you if you want to spend a weekend locked away with weird and wonderful creatures from around the Universe, but it’s hardly going to be 'fun' is it? I mean how can joking and laughing, and running around with a roll of carpet on your shoulder be called fun. Or alcohol - whats _that_ about? Pan Galactic GargleBlasters do nothing for your circuits and end up frying your capacitors.

          Fit the Fourth - OK, OK, So Lazlar Lyricon 3 is a convention created to bring together like minded people who appreciate Douglas Adams' legendary fiction, and want to have a 'Really Groovy Time'. By that, it ‘apparently’ means participate in a weekend of games, madness, talks, disco’s, quizzes, and more silly stoopid games. Hardly thrilling is it?

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha are supporting LL3. Well someone has to....

Good job the organizers aren't counting on me to drum up business for them isn't it?


* not exclusive to HHGTTG fans, other fan types may attend, live long and prosper, a wizards staff has a knob on the end, can't stop the signal, a sprout? Terms and conditions apply. Limited to one membership per personality.